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Frequently Asked Questions ‚Äč

Are there any charges for using Moonkitt's app?

No, our app itself is free to use. You'll only pay the standard network fees for your transactions (gas fees).

I disabled the Liquefy feature, but it appears that it is being re-enabled on my account without my knowledge. What can I do?

Please disable it again, and contact security experts like Cosmos Rescue for assistance.

I staked 10 ATOM, but only see 9.999999 available for solidifying / transferring. What's going on?

Don't worry, this is a tiny difference due to rounding in staking in the Cosmos system. You might see a maximum loss of 0.000001 ATOM (basically nothing!).

I'm getting a message about reaching a liquid staking cap when I try to stake. What does it mean?

This error indicates the chosen validator has reached its limit for liquid staking. Try switching to a different validator with more capacity. You can find more information about liquid staking caps on our Security page.