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Moonkitt ‚Äč

Strap on your spacesuits, cosmonauts, because Moonkitt is blasting off into the Cosmos! We're two devs, fueled by a love for Liquid Staking, and we're here to shake things up.

Remember the good ol' days of unstaking, waiting in purgatory, and then handing over your precious tokens to some faceless entity? Yeah, we weren't thrilled either. We saw the rise of Liquid Staking providers like Stride, Persistence, and Quicksilver, and thought, "Hey, that's neat, but are they truly user-centric?" Were they more concerned with attracting users and locking them in, or actually giving them the best possible experience?

That's where Moonkitt comes in, purring with innovation. We stumbled upon the Liquidity Staking Module created by the Iqlusion team, and it was like a cosmic revelation. This module bypasses the dreaded unstaking period, letting you instantly convert your staked assets into liquid magic (a.k.a. liquid staked tokens) from various providers. But wait, there's more! This isn't just a module, it's a toolbox for staking mastery, opening doors to endless possibilities.

And so, Moonkitt was born. We, the two Cosmos devs with a twinkle in their eyes and a Liquid Staking manifesto in their hearts, vowed to champion this revolutionary module. We would be its evangelists, its cheerleaders, its relentless pursuers of user education. So, join us on this cosmic journey, fellow explorers, and let's Unleash the Liquidity of your Staked Assets.